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The cost of adding mulch around your house will vary depending on the amount and type of mulch used, as well as labor costs. Generally speaking, laying down a 2-inch layer of shredded hardwood or cedar bark mulch over a 1,000-square-foot area can cost between $150 and $200. 


Decorative stone mulches are more expensive and could cost up to $450 for the same area. Additionally, some areas may have additional delivery charges that need to be taken into consideration when budgeting.


Labor costs are another factor in determining the cost of adding mulch around your house. If you plan on doing the work yourself, you’ll only have to pay for the cost of the material. However, if you hire a landscaping company or contractor to do the work, then expect to pay a premium for their labor costs. Depending on where you live, these costs can range from as little as $30 per hour to hundreds of dollars per day.


It’s important to note that mulching services often include other services, such as weeding and trimming existing foliage around your house. If this is needed in addition to the mulch installation, then the total cost will be higher than listed above. Additionally, some homeowners opt for using organic soil additives such as compost or manure when installing mulch around their house, which can also add to the project’s overall cost.


An estimator of the Cost of Mulching Based on the Size of the Project


When shipping and labor are factored in, a cubic yard of mulch ranges from $45 and $130 on average. For comparison, 27 cubic feet is approximately equivalent to one cubic yard. When applied at a depth of 2 inches, one cubic yard of mulch may cover roughly 162 square feet, and when applied at a depth of 3 inches, it can cover around 100 square feet.


The majority of retailers offer their products measured in cubic yards. Because of this, if you have a larger project, it is recommended that you purchase the materials in bulk in order to get a cheaper price per cubic yard. Take a look at the following chart to see how the cost falls on a per-cubic-yard basis as the scale of the project grows.


Types Of Mulch


Your decision regarding the sort of mulch to use will have the most bearing on the project’s total cost. Organic and inorganic materials are the two primary classifications that are used to describe different types of mulch.


If organic mulch is what they want, homeowners may expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $150 per cubic yard.


The most frequent kinds of organic mulch are cypress, pine bark, and hardwood mulch. Cypress is also a tree. All three are typically dark brown or reddish in color and are created using ingredients derived from trees. In addition to this, they are renowned for their longevity, resistance to compaction, and capacity to facilitate adequate drainage.


Organic mulches add nutrients to the soil as they decompose due to the fact that they break down as they are used. As a result, you’ll see them utilized quite frequently in beds for vegetable gardens. On the other hand, organic mulches require more frequent replacement than inorganic mulches do.


The price of a cubic yard of inorganic mulch, such as rocks or rubber, can range anywhere from $20 to $400. In addition, inorganic mulches have a longer lifespan than organic mulches due to the fact that they do not decompose.


You may also find inorganic mulches in a variety of hues, which can give your landscaping a more ornamental appearance if you choose to use them. In addition, despite the fact that they do not add any nutrients to the soil, they can aid in retaining water and controlling weeds.


Color Of Mulch


There is a wide range of color options for mulch, including the classic brown, as well as red, black, and even blue. There is a $30 to $65 price range per cubic yard for colored mulch. Although it may be more expensive than mulch that isn’t colored, using colored mulch in your landscape can give it a more attractive look.


In addition to this, the color of the mulch can have an effect on how frequently it needs to be replaced. For instance, mulch with a dark hue will be able to absorb more heat than mulch with a lighter tint, leading to a quicker decomposition rate. Therefore, mulches with darker colors will need to be updated more frequently than mulches with lighter colors would need to be replaced.


Cost By Location


The price of mulching varies significantly depending on where you reside. The high demand for landscaping services and the more significant cost of living in larger cities and metropolitan areas typically result in higher costs than in smaller towns. This is because larger cities and the metropolitan regions compete more for landscaping services.


For instance, the cost of labor is typically higher in larger cities since wages are, on average, higher in those locations. In addition, in most cases, the increasing cost of transportation contributes to a tremendous increase in the cost of supplies.


It is best to seek estimates from local landscaping businesses if you want an exact idea of the cost of mulching in your region. This can be done by asking for quotes.


Do I Need To Remove the Old Mulch Before Applying New Mulch?


It is recommended to remove old mulch before applying new mulch. Old mulch can be heavy and compacted, making it difficult for water and nutrients to penetrate the soil. Additionally, it can harbor diseases and pests, which will be transferred over to the new layer of mulch. Removing old mulch also gives you a chance to clean up any weeds that have grown in the area, so you don’t have them competing with your new plants for resources.


Lastly, removing old mulch ensures that your garden looks neat and tidy by giving you a fresh start with a new layer of mulch. To properly remove old mulch, use a shovel or rake to loosen it from the ground and sweep it away into a container. This material can be disposed of or reused in other parts of your garden. Once the old mulch is removed, you can apply new mulch and enjoy a fresh, healthy garden!


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